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TOAST Roast Admissions

Funding Our Way to Zero Suckage Office-Style pARTy Night

General Entry $10 advance payments will be accepted up until Tuesday, December 16th at 11:59 PM if space permits. Door admissions are $15.

Admission payments are non-refundable, but may be transferred by no later than 11:59 PM on Tuesday, December 16, 2014. Please with the names of pARTicipants from and to whom an admission is being transferred.

ONLY 100 admissions will be sold. We're aiming to create a high quality, comfortable safe space for the good folks who will be pARTicipating with us.


Admission prices are being kept as reasonably-priced as possible given that we are just trying to cover the cost of the event.   We have absolutely no profit motive. All funds raised will go directly to pARTy.  

Please note that there will be no comps or guest lists. Everyone is a volunteer pARTicipant and everyone contributes at a minimum by chipping in to cover costs.

How to Pay



Please email Money Transfer your payment via online banking   Also send an email message to us with the secret word you use for your payment.

Please PayPal your payment to the AND add an additional $1 ***per admission*** to cover the cost of handling your payment.

IMPORTANT: Please include any additional funds to cover service fees if paying by PayPal.




Cash payment can be made to one of our designated cash payment collectors in-person.  Dates and names of collectors for cash payments will be announced.  

Check back here in the weeks leading up to the event or send a message to make arrangements if cannot pay online.


If you'll be pARTicpating in Santarchy this Saturday, please connect with Libby who will be collecting TOAST Roast admissions that night. If you don't know Libby, ask someone who she is.  She'll be leaving fairly early, so find her before you go blind! ;)




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